Downstairs at the Showboat

The legendary Showboat was located in the basement of what was then the Douglass Hotel. The historical marker out front notes that Billie Holiday “often lived here.”

Billie Holiday Marker

A while back, I visited what used to be the Showboat with Yasuhiro “Fuji” Fujioka, founder of the Coltrane House of Osaka and co-author of “The John Coltrane Reference”; Lenora Early, founder of the Philadelphia John Coltrane House; and Dr. George E. Allen, author of “I Was Not Asked.”

Until that visit, I assumed the Showboat was in the basement space with the two windows facing Lombard Street. As we descended the stairs, Dr. Allen said something was wrong. Back then, there was no landing between the steps. Instead, the club was down a steep set of stairs. And sure enough, after a bit of snooping, we found what remains of the original steps that led down to the Showboat.

Stairs 1

Stairs 2

Stairs 3.jpg

So imagine the likes of Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, Art Blakey, Cannonball Adderley, Bootsie Barnes, Philly Joe Jones, Jimmy Heath, Thelonious Monk, Dinah Washington, Ray Charles and Ramsey Lewis descending those steps to take their place on the bandstand that was behind the bar.

Showboat - John Coltrane - Live at the Showboat

9 thoughts on “Downstairs at the Showboat”

  1. It was a great venue. Saw Mongo Santamaria and on another visit Hugh Masakela & Miriam Makeba. Bother performances were amazing. Had tickets to see Wes Montgomery, who died a few days before he was scheduled to perform there.

    1. My Name is David Watson and I was one of the bartenders there in the 1960s. I worked the back of the bar close to the restrooms. Rudy worked the front, Jimmy Coates the middle or sometime Bernard John. I started there when the Spivack brothers Alan, Jerry and Herb owned it and then Shelly Kaplin brought into it.. I’m now doing what I always wanted and that was to play the music that I love Jazz.

  2. Who owned the Showboat in Phila. in the Late 50’s and early 60’s before Herb Spivack bought it ?
    Thank you

      1. Hey Herb,
        How are you doing man? I’m living in the Portland OR area. I moved out west about a year after the Showboat closed for good. I’m really grateful to you guys for my years of working for you in all of the places you owned, the Speedie bars, the place out on Roosevelt Blvd, Race street places and the Showboat. I was with you guys when you opened the Electric Factory and did your first Jazz Concert.
        When I moved out to CA, I started playing music and eventually I started booking music in clubs and about three Northern CA Festivals and wineries. After living CA I moved to Hawaii and eventually here. I have a couple of bands that play up here and I’ve played in Paris, The Netherlands, Norway and other places. I want you to know that it really started for me with you Spivak brothers you, Jerry, Alan and later on Shelly Kaplin.
        Thanks Herb and Jerry
        David Watson (The Doctor Of Bebop) or

      2. Hey Herb,

        My name is Melissa Simpson. I am a Temple University student doing a bit of research on the Douglas Hotel and the Showboat. Any chance you would be able to chat? You can email me at

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