Jazz at Home Club

Jazz at Home Club was organized in 1961 by Chet Carmichael, education director of radio station WDAS (pictured at 1963 March on Washington).

Chet Carmichael - WDAS - 1963 March on Washington

The club was launched during Philadelphia’s golden age of jazz. It was designed for casual jazz fans who were turned off by the perception that jazz clubs were for jazz aficionados. The membership dues were one dollar per year. At their Jazz Listening Session, members listened to newly released albums.

As the club grew in popularity, luminaries from the jazz world were invited to speak at the monthly meeting including Billy Taylor, Gloria Lynne, John Hammond, Art Blakey and Rufus Harley Jr., aka the “Pied Piper of Jazz,” the world’s first jazz bagpiper.

Jazz At Home USA - Rufus Harley - Insert

Jazz at Home bestowed the “Jazz Musician of the Year” Award on musicians who advanced the jazz culture – Jimmy Smith (1962), Clark Terry (1963), Duke Ellington (1964), Nina Simone (1966) and Horace Silver (1967).

Jazzz at Home Club - Nina Simone

Jazzz at Home Club - Horace Silver - October 22, 1967

Rev. John Garcia Gensel, creator of the Jazz Vespers at Saint Peter’s Church, spoke at a monthly meeting of Jazz at Home.

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  1. Faye, great remembrance. Thanks for the research. I was a member of local 274 at the time, but retired from #77. Im a founding member of the Ckef Club and its early webmaster.

    I have another historic musical organization that I cannot find any info on. The Vesuvius Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar and Choral Society was a Negro ensemble that existed in South Philly curca the end of the 1800s or early 1900s, My “brother from another mother” has a picture of his grandfather in this ensemble and because of my connection to the music community, he asked me to help him. I missed out on asking a couple of my long time older south Philly musicians who might have had some info because they were sick at time of asking and died w/o responding. On the web at http://www.sonobra.com, http://www.wesnorton.com, Facebook, LinkedIn and All About Jazz.

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